So what if you’re not flying business class with the long spaced seats. With some prior information, you can and must make the best of what’s available in the economy class. This articles gives out tips on how you can grab the best economy class seats and have a paisa vasool experience.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re appointed a random seat without asking your preference and you have to sit in the middle of two snoring and drooling beings with restricted movement? Well, no longer if you follow these guidelines on how to get the best economy class seats! Nothing in life comes for free, but some of these smart moves might just get you some of the best economy class seats for free.

1. For Shorter Routes:

For shorter routes with less travel time, there is not much to be considered. Just keep the following points in minds while making your reservations for a short route:

  1. Taking Front or Back Seats: Having seats near the front door or the back door will help you in getting off the plane quickly after landing. Prefer front seats as many flights do not offer back gate entry.
  2. Aisle Seats: Opt for aisle seats so that you can get off all the quicker! Also, the aisle seats are the best seats in the flight as you can freely roam about in the plane without disturbing your fellow passengers and also offers extra leg space.

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2. For Longer Routes:

For a longer journey, it is essential to make sure that you choose the best seat in flight for a comfortable journey. To make sure you choose the best seat on the flight, consider the points mentioned below:

  1. Try and avoid the rear end seats. This is a no-brainer that the back seats are usually the most inconvenient seats. You’re behind the engines of the airplanes and near the lavatories, so that means noise and crowd, both. Let’s just admit it, being in the back is no fun at all. The back seats of an aircraft are also usually the bumpier ones. So what do you do to ensure that you do not get the back seats? Request at the time of check-in that you do not want the back seats at all. You can also go for the option of web check-in wherein you might get to choose your own seats which means your choice and no noise!
  2. Opt for Aisle seats: Not just for the extra space for movement on the seat but also in the aircraft. If you have a hyperactive bladder and want to avoid causing inconvenience to your fellow passengers each time you need to go to the washroom, then the aisle seat would be your best bet. Not just ease of movement, there is lesser noise at the aisle seats than the window seats since the window seats catch more engine noise.
  3. The bulkhead: In case you are a tall flyer or one that gets annoyed by seats that recline in front of you, then this is the one for you! With no front seat to disturb your legs and no seats reclining on you, you might do well and enjoy this seat which offers more inches of leg space due to no seat in front.
  4. For the Newbie and the Nerves: If you’re a first time flyer or relatively a new flyer who might have the nerves or just a nervous flyer, then you might do well sitting in the front of the aircraft since the front of the aircraft is usually smoother and quieter and more calm for the nervous flyer in you.
  5. For the admirer: If you are one of those who likes to admire the take-off and landings and the view while the craft cruises through the clouds, then, without thinking, opt for the window seat and indulge in scenic views and beauty. You might have to request for the window seat, especially, at the time of check-in because usually, all the flyers want a view, so you must up your game! Web check-in to avoid disappointment. This seat not just offers a view but also provides you the comfort of resting your head next to the window. But mind you, the movement gets really restricted. You can also work on your laptop with least disturbance in this seat.
  6. For the restless foodie: This is a must for every restless foodie who can’t watch others being served hot and fresh food while waiting for his/ her turn. Don’t wait and watch others enjoy their food and grab the seats where the crew will entertain you first before anyone else.

3. Extra charge for seats:

There are certain seats in the aircraft that you can grab but at an extra cost. Seats which provide more leg space, window seats, the front of the aircraft reclining seats etc. are usually the ones that are available at an extra cost. If you really need any one of these and do not mind spending extra for the comfort, please avail of the option while web check-in or at counters. As these seats are in demand, even if you shell out charges, they may not be available if you get late in availing them. 

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4. Request at the check-in:

In case, for reasons whatsoever, you have not done a web check-in, you can try your luck and request the airline official at the check-in counter to see if they can get you a seat of your choice. Most of the times the airlines are able to accommodate passengers’ seat preferences but in case of full flights that may not be always possible.

Disclaimer: Please check the website of the airline you are traveling in for updated sets of rules and guidelines. These may differ from airline to airline.

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