Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out in India, speculation has turned to whether some type of vaccination or an “immunity passport” might be essential.

The notion is that once the vaccine is generally available, the passport would be issued to individuals who have been vaccinated to let them travel freely, both locally and internationally, by allowing entrée to gyms, indoor restaurants, parks, movie theaters, and domestic or international travel.

At this stage, it’s all still speculation. However, (IATA) the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which an airline trade association that exemplifies 290 airlines worldwide, said that it was in the final stages of developing a digital vaccine passport for tourists. The IATA Travel Pass will let tourists share their vaccination status and COVID-19 test results with different airlines and authorities, through a contactless passport app.

Challenges we face to record accurate health information


The diverse set of COVID-19 testing requirements, as well as the range of various types of tests (PCR, antigen, LAMP, and spectroscopic) required by governments, have generated a challenging environment for immigration authorities, travelers, and airlines to traverse.


Travelers are confused and require correct information. But they don’t know where to find or understand, even if they do find it.


Before booking flight tickets or international holiday packages, all check-in agents need to follow extensive entry requirement protocols.  They need to check and identify multiple test documents passengers present to them. This leads to health check inadequacies, errors, and deception – an aggregate problem around the globe.

The correct information flow infrastructure that is needed

  • Governments need to verify the authenticity of tests i.e. identity those presenting the test certificates.
  • Airlines need to provide accurate information to their travelers on test requirements and confirm that a passenger meets the requirements for travel.
  • Test centers need to issue certificates to travelers that will be recognized by governments, and other airline companies. 
  • Tourists need to provide accurate information on test requirements and convey test information to airlines and border authorities.

Solution: A Covid-19 Passport

The standardized solution to legalize and authenticate all country regulations regarding COVID-19 passenger travel requirements is a Covid-19 passport. This pass will provide accurate information on travelers’ COVID-19 health status.


A vaccine or a Covid-19 passport is the fastest and easiest way to prove that you have been vaccinated. This will make it easier to understand who isn’t.

So, the biggest thing that one can do now is instead of waiting to go for a trip, take one as soon as possible. Who knows if tomorrow could be a start of a pandemic!

So for all those who have been looking to apply for a passport online, apply for a tatkal passport or, simply just book a flight ticket amid the pandemic, it’s a good time to decide now! Be it domestic or international travel, book a flight with us or contact our teams of experts who will help you travel safely and securely.

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