Let us admit – we all want to impress! No one wants to leave behind a bad impression, especially during the lovely experience called traveling! Leave your cabin crew with a smile on their faces by following these airport rules and aircraft etiquettes.

Whether you’re traveling on an aircraft for the first time or are an avid flyer, there are certain airport rules and aircraft etiquette that each traveler and flyer must follow to let things run smoothly and have a good travel experience. Always remember that you being nice and well-mannered will mean you get treated the same way, with heart and soul. And hey! Who doesn’t love being treated nicely?

The first of the airport rules and regulations demand that you follow the queue at all times, everywhere. At the check-in counter, you must stand in the queue and wait for your turn. Do not show your impatience by pushing people ahead of you or make impatient gestures. Better to arrive early than be sneered at!  While conversing with the airline crew, you should cooperate fully and be polite. Remember, they are doing their job and will endeavor to do the best they can to accommodate your needs. A  ‘please’ goes a long way with the airline crew when you have a special request that needs attending. Do not try to challenge the airline crew or the security check staff regarding the airport rules, they are well aware and know the rules better than any passenger.

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During the security check, you must read all the airport security check rules and follow them. If you are asked to step aside for a more detailed check by the security staff then please cooperate. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, so let the security officials do their job and you follow the airport rules. There is no point arguing with the airline crew or the security check officials regarding permitting you to carry prohibited items because airport rules cannot be tweaked for anyone and they will not allow you to carry any prohibited items no matter how much you plead or beg. So why create a scene? Let things be smooth, be smart and don’t create an issue over things that can’t be changed. Keep in mind, all these checks and prohibitions are for your security in the skies.

Please do not run around on an exploration spree at the airport. Respect and follow the airport rules and do not enter restricted areas. Entering such restricted zones can cost you big fines and definitely you don’t want to enter into such troubles. Curb your desires to take selfies at prohibited areas in the airport.

On the flight, the most common dilemma is that of the armrest. Whose is it really? Well if you’re in the middle seat you can take over both as each of the aisle and window seat passengers have one of their own so feel free to take over the armrest on both sides if you’re in the middle seat. However, politeness demands that you see if your row mates are uncomfortable in any sense.

While placing your hand-baggage in the overhead bin, please try to stack it in the bin above your seat. This will ensure that each flyer gets space for their luggage above their seat which hence ensures ease of removal at the time of disembarking.

Once the boarding has started, ensure that you keep your luggage in the overhead bin or under your seat and take your place quickly to let other passengers can quickly move in the aisle and reach their seats and are not left standing in a queue. Do not create a mess in the overhead bin! Do not stack your luggage in a haphazard manner.

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Once seated, do not recline your seat without asking and informing the passenger sitting right behind you. This is so that in case the passenger sitting behind you is still adjusting his/her luggage and settling down, it may be inconvenient. Same holds true when a flight is airborne and the meal is served. Please check before reclining the chair as food on the tray table behind your seat may spill. Give the passenger time to readjust and prepare themselves before you recline your seat.

Even after the announcement is made to switch off all electronic devices, it is very wrong to keep your phone on until the last minute of taking off. The network signals of a mobile phone interfere with the operating of an airline, to ensure that you switch off your phones the moment the announcement for the same is made.

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In case you want to keep the window shade up or down, always also ask the passengers sitting beside you whether they would mind if you keep the window shade up or down, as a mark of courtesy.

The most annoying habit of passengers for the cabin crew is their constant calling. If you’ve raised the calling request once, be rest assured that one of the cabin crew members is going to tend to you shortly, so don’t keep raising the calling card again or shouting out, which is worse. Relax in your seat and a cabin crew member will definitely tend to your call.

Happy journey!

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