Europe is a continent with encompassing beauty, awe-inspiring surprises and architectural wonders hidden in every corner. Every country in Europe has something amazing to offer. But if one country stands apart from others then it will be the Czech Republic. This tiny piece of landlocked country in Central Europe shares its border with Germany to the west, Slovakia at the southeast and Poland to the northeast.

Prague is the Czech Republic’s capital and largest city of the country. The Czech Republic also includes the historical territories of Bohemia, Moravia, and Czech Silesia known for the pristine beauty and amazing architecture.

When it comes to the architecture, nothing beats the Czech and the beautiful castles they have erected across the country. The list of places to see in the Czech Republic is so huge that one holiday won’t be enough. If you are planning a European tour to this marvellous country then here are some of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic that you should be visiting.

1. Karlštejn Castle

The Czech Republic: The Castle Capital of The World
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Built in 1365, Karlštejn Castle is a marvel of architecture and one of the most amazing places to see in the Czech Republic. This castle was constructed by Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV as a place where they could store and safeguard the royal treasures. Apart from the priceless gems, this castle also housed collections of holy relics and the crown jewels.
The interiors of the castle have beautiful rooms with valuable furnishings along with the replicas of crowned jewels and the duplicate of artifacts from Holy Roman Empire. There are regular tours to this castle that will take you across this timeless piece of beauty and many stories surrounding this mighty structure.

2. Chateau Cesky Krumlov

The Czech Republic: The Castle Capital of The World
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Constructed on a rocky landscape with River Vltava flowing below, the state castle is the second largest castle and chateau complex in the country. The State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov has been listed in UNESCO’s world heritage site. This castle is constructed in the Gothic style of architecture that has been through a remodelling process many times.
It was reconstructed in Renaissance style in the 16th century and later it was modified in the Baroque and the Rococo style in 17th and 18th Century. This castle consists of 40 buildings with five courtyards. The castle also houses a beautiful Baroque-style garden and is worth spending your time at. This castle in the Czech Republic will surely take your breath away.

3. Pernstejn CastleThe Czech Republic: The Castle Capital of The World

It is a beauty of architecture over a large rocky landscape. Built in the 13th century, this castle follows Gothic and Renaissance style in its construction and design. This is one of the very few castles of Europe that no one has been able to conquer.
This location of the castle was chosen keeping the defence of the land in mind and it successfully made sure that it serves its purpose.
The recent remodelling has also uncovered a series of paintings and inscriptions from the 16th century. These artworks are on display in the castle itself. A guided tour to this castle is one of best things to do in the Czech Republic.

4. Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle

The Czech Republic: The Castle Capital of The World
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This castle is near the state of South Bohemia. The romantics and the newlyweds frequently visit this Neo-Gothic castle because of its beautiful premises and the lovely breathtaking architecture.

This castle houses 140 rooms and 11 towers, most of which are open for the visitors. The visitors can take a peek inside the lavish quarters, private halls and enchanting ceremonial halls of the Schwarzenberg family.
Carved panelling, enamelled ceilings and lovely furnishings decorate the interiors of this castle. It also has rich collections of paintings, silver, porcelain, and tapestries that will mesmerize you with the stunning beauty.

5. Kokorin Castle

The Czech Republic: The Castle Capital of The World

Many stories of myth and fables surround the history of the Kokorin Castle. This castle was built in the 14th century. It was one of the cursed castles on Emperor Ferdinand’s list. The law did not allow Kokorin Castle for restoration only until the late 20th century.
Today, this castle is one of the few properties in the Czech Republic that is privately owned and is open as a major public attraction.

6. Bouzov Castle

The Czech Republic: The Castle Capital of The World
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Built in the 15th Century, Bouzov Castle is located in the pristine surroundings of Moravia. Bouzov is a Gothic Masterpiece and is still present its original form. The Czech Castle has a lot of mystery and intrigue attached to its history as it was the seat of Teutonic Knights since its inception.

7. Lednice Chateau

The Czech Republic: The Castle Capital of The World
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Located in the village of Lednice in the south of Moravia, Lednice Chateau is a beautiful piece of architectural marvel. This castle is a prime example of Neo-Gothic architecture. It has amazing pristine and beautiful surrounding.
The Chateau has amazing and lovely tour routes that take you through the lovely interiors and halls. This castle takes you back in the middle ages.
With so many beautiful castles in the Czech Republic, make sure that you do not limit your visit to this beautiful country only till Prague. Have a look around, make plans and if in doubt, connect with our travel experts.

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