Nowadays many Indians are looking to move out and build careers outside their home countries. Many countries also actively encourage foreigners to work and settle in their countries. Regardless of whatever reason you have to visit a foreign country, you will require a visa to enter the country. Countries often issue different types of visas for different purposes. One such visa is the ‘job seeker visa for Indians’.

The job seeker visa for Indians is a visa that allows Indians to enter the specific foreign country and look for jobs- without a job offer or sponsor. However, to receive job seeker visas they still have to meet certain criteria. Once you have found the job, you can receive permanent residence or work visa for Indians. When it comes to providing work permits, Canada has the cheapest work visa from India.

Want to work abroad? Here are 5 countries that offer job seeker for Indians:

1. Germany

Beautiful floral colorful town Tubingen in Germany
Beautiful floral colorful town Tubingen in Germany
Image Credit: leoks

Germany does offer a job seeker visa for Indians. In fact, all nationals outside the European Union are eligible for job seeker visas.

Duration: 6 months

Eligibility criteria:

  • Must be above 18 years of age.
  • At Least a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Qualifications must also be recognized in Germany or equivalent to a German diploma.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in their respective professional field.
  • Proof of financial stability in the form to cover expenses during your stay. It can be in the form of an obligation letter by a sponsor or a blocked account for almost €5,700.

Documents required:

  • Passport issued within the last 10 years with at least 12 months’ validity.
  • 3 passport size photos.
  • A cover letter stating the purpose of the visit.
  • Proof of academic qualifications, accommodation, financial means and degree.
  • CV.
  • Birth certificate and Aadhar Card.
  • Health insurance.

Germany is one of the easiest countries to get a work visa from. If you are successful in landing a job you get a German Work Visa for Indians.

Well if you plan on exploring Germany otherwise you will need a Germany Visa for Indians (Schengen Visa) and some amazing Germany Tour Packages to choose from.

2. Austria

Church Heiliger Franz of Assisi at Austria
Church Heiliger Franz of Assisi at Austria
Image Credit: S.Borisov

Austria also does offer a job seeker visa but only for third-country citizens with a very high level of qualifications. To qualify, individuals must attain 70/100 on a list full of varied criteria.

Duration: 6 months

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Score a minimum of 70 points across criteria like skills, qualifications, awards, research, innovation, academic degrees, gross salary, language proficiency, etc.

Documents required:

  • Valid passport
  • 1 recent photo
  • Proof of finances, accommodation and health insurance.
  • Documents supporting applicable criteria.

On getting a job, one can receive a work and resident permit. If not for a job, you can also plan an Austria trip with a quick Austria Visa online.

3. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
Image Credit: Rasto SK

Even the UAE offers job seeker visas for Indians. However, it is not given to everyone but only to those fulfilling certain criteria. For one trip, this visa can be used without a sponsor from UAE.

Duration: 2, 3 or 4 months

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant must be a legislator, manager, business executive, a professional or technician in specified fields with a certain skill level specified by the UAE government.
  • Applicant must have graduated within the last 2 years from one of the top 500 universities from around the world approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • They must hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • They should be able to fulfill the prescribed financial guarantee.

Documents required:

  • Valid Indian passport.
  • 1 coloured photo
  • Attested proof of qualification.

The UAE, especially Dubai, is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for Indians. From towering skyscrapers to superfast roller coasters, plan a magical UAE holiday with a UAE Visa (Dubai Visa Online). There are also several cheap flight options from India to Dubai. You can also get great deals and discounts on hotel bookings online in advance.

4. Sweden

Northern lights in Lapland, Spain
Northern lights in Lapland, Spain
Image Credit: Jens Ottoson

If you hold an advanced level degree, you are eligible for a work permit visa for Sweden. This allows you to work or explore business opportunities in Sweden.

Duration: 3-9 months

Eligibility criteria:

  • Hold an advanced level degree, i.e. all kinds of degrees with 60-330 credits.

Documents required:

  • Valid passport
  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of adequate finances.
  • Health insurance
  • Signed letter of consent to verify your educational documents.

Are you not entirely sure about moving to Sweden? A trip to Sweden will surely make you fall in love with this paradisiacal country. Apply for Sweden Visa online (Schengen Visa) and get it in just 2 weeks.

5. Spain

Castle in Spain
Castle in Spain
Image Credit: anek.soowannaphoom

Even Spain lets foreign nationals to look for employment or business opportunities with a Spain job seeker visa.

Duration: 1- 2 years

Eligibility criteria:

  • You must have completed your higher education in Spain.
  • You must have medical insurance.
  • You must hold sufficient funds for your stay.
  • You must have at least obtained Level 6 in your university education as per the European Qualifications Framework.

Documents required:

  • Valid Indian passport
  • Duly filled EX01 form
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Academic certificates

Again if you are not looking for a job in Spain, you can always visit the beautiful country for a vacation. A Spain Visa for Indians (Schengen Visa) is all you need for a Spain holiday.

These are the top 5 countries that give a working visa without a job offer. Once you find a job, it can be easily converted to a work permit visa. The job seeker visa for Indians makes it easier for professionals to work in a foreign country. If you are looking forward to moving abroad, you should definitely check out these countries and try your luck.

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