Many factors influence successful visa application. However, simple mistakes that can easily be avoided are often the causes of most visa applications getting denied. The worst part about traveling is the tedious visa requirements and processes, getting through all of it, thereby resulting into visa rejection.

Here are some of the reasons why a visa application may be denied:

Unexplained Circumstances of Purpose of Travel

This is one important aspect, which if not explained, can lead to visa rejection. If you are not able to clearly explain the reason of your travel to the country and corroborate your application with sufficient proofs, the visa officer will not have good clarity about your application and, in all likelihood, your visa will be refused.

Tip: Are you travelling simply for sightseeing? Will you be visiting friends or family? Or attending a seminar or conference? Will you be meeting a client? Be very clear about why you are travelling and what all places, and back them up with as many documents as you can — from transportation to hotels to everything else in between. Your inability to offer declarations about the purpose of travel and stay can lead to a dismaying rejection. Whatever your reason is, it has to be clear and honest. Honest, yes, because you will be asked to prove it

Insufficient Amount of Funds to Cover Your Trip

Any embassy would like to know how you intend to fund your trip – inclusive of how you are going to maintain your trip while you are in a foreign country. If they feel like you do not have enough money, then it is very easy for them to deny your visa application.

Tip: You will also need to disclose the source of your income so that consulates are able to know how you are able to survive in your home country. The income source can be in form of bank statements, income tax returns, salary slips and any other investments.

Lack of evidence of all of your connections to your home country

Many applicants do not take the time to consider all of their connections to their home country, and the evidence to prove it. This is one of the common reasons for a visa rejection.

Tip: Obvious connections are things like property and employment. You should include copies of title deeds or lease agreements to property, and detailed employment letters or contracts that identify you as a permanent employee, the length of your employment, your role at the company, and when you are expected to return to your employment.

Incomplete or fake documentation

Every visa application involves a set of requirements that must be submitted by the applicant. The problem arises when applicants don’t have some of these documents. Some choose to submit fake or forged documents, which is the biggest no-no. Some docs like birth certificates are hard to fake, but things like Certificate of Employment, pay slips, and bank statements can easily be produced. But DON’T DO IT. If caught, your application will automatically go straight to the trash bin. It reflects your character. It shows your willingness to break the rules, which is exactly what they DON’T want in their country.

Tip: Depending on the type of visa you’re applying for, you’ll need to furnish documents to support your case. Pay close attention to the documents needed for your particular situation to increase the possibilities of being approved. Almost all the embassies require the same set of documents for visa application so make sure you have everything ready and don’t miss out even a single one.

Typo errors in the visa application

If you have made any typo errors such as name, date of birth, profession code, passport number and expiry date, etc. Then most likely your application would be delayed or even result into a visa rejection.

Tip: Be very careful while filling the visa application form and avoid typo errors such as the ones listed above. If they require your application form to be printed out, then make sure you print it out. If they require your application to be filled in in black ink, then do just that.

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Incorrect or unjustified visa type

This is more common than you think! Every country has different visa types which have specific requirements and conditions. Applicants who submit their own visa without consulting a Visa Expert may not choose the appropriate visa most suited to themselves and their circumstances. This is another common reason for a visa rejection.

Tip: If you’re traveling for business, go for a business visa. If traveling purely for leisure, go for a tourist visa. Don’t apply for a tourist visa if your purpose is clearly for business.

Previous Visa violations

On your last trip if you have violated the terms of your visa, then you may be denied when applying for another. For example, if you over stayed your previous visa by a month or more, you face an automatic visa rejection.

Tip: Nope, overstaying is not allowed. The maximum stay period will be dictated on your visa. Make sure you are well aware of the visa stay period and validity. Going beyond it will result in dire consequences on your subsequent applications.

Criminal Record (Past & Current)

The applicant has a criminal record. Having any kind of police record can affect your future visa approvals. You might be subjected to deportation and a permanent ban on entering the country.

Tip: Do not involve yourself in any illegal activities in your home country or while travelling. This can seriously hurt your chances of visa approvals in the future.
Apart from the above possibilities, there are all sorts of reasons for a visa rejection. The most important thing to remember is to prove that you will obey the visa rules at all times.

How can help?

When your visa gets rejected, the reasons for visa rejection are sometimes vague and it appears that a roadblock has been reached. can help you assess your eligibility and understand the visa requirements and processes involved. It’s our job to ensure that we are updated on the visa law, and act in the best interest of our customers.

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