Thinking of travelling to Canada or are you already making plans for visiting Canada in the coming vacation period? It is needless to say that Canada is an extremely interesting country to explore with many cities and regions. And each city and region have its unique charm and flavor. But for getting an entry to Canada, you need to have a valid Canada visa. The process of obtaining a visa in Canada can seem straightforward, but many individuals have their applications rejected for a variety of reasons. So, what happens if after all this time and money, your application gets refused? Reapplying for a rejected visa can be daunting but having the right information at hand can greatly simplify the process.

The Canada visa rejection can take place due to the following reasons:

  • Insufficient or missing documents.
  • Not enough personal assets or poor financial situation i.e. If you don’t have sufficient money and resources to visit the place, then Canada visa rejection becomes unavoidable. You should possess sufficient funds if aspiring to visit Canada.
  • Absence of adequate ties to the home country can impact chances adversely as this may raise doubts on the applicant’s intent to return home. Normally, having a family established in the home country with ownership of properties and other assets may be enough to prove family ties.
  • Presented fake documents to receive a visa can also cause Canada visa refusal.
  • Technical errors like incomplete application form, damaged or less passport validity, passport with no blank pages etc.
  • Poorly paid Employment or unemployed.
  • A wrong category for visa application at the Canadian high commission can result in a possible Canada visa rejection. For example: travelling for business purpose and mentioning tourist purpose in the form.
  • No Previous travel abroad
  • Wants to visit his/her fiancé (e) or spouse who is residing in Canada
  • An unclear purpose of your visit
  • Individuals with a prior criminal record will often have their visa applications rejected by Canada. Almost any criminal conviction can be grounds for rejection and deportation. This includes driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.

How can help?

The Canada Immigration looks at a number of different factors when issuing Canada visas (ties to your home country, assets, reasons for wanting to visit Canada, travel history, employment, duration of travel, finances etc.). A carefully prepared application with strong supporting documents can make the difference between an approval and a refusal.

If you are denied a visa to Canada, this might have a negative impact on any future applications you make to Canada. The Immigration maintains a unique file number for each individual. Every time you apply again, the records of your previous applications might be reviewed and compared with your current application. It gets slightly difficult to get a Visa after you have been refused once. It is therefore important that you consult an experienced and qualified travel agency. The Visa Experts at give you an assessment of the likelihood of your success in your Visa applications and advise you on the best solution to get your Canada Visa successfully in the first attempt itself.

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