If you are an Indian passport holder we get the pain of applying for a visa. The annual Henley Passport Index reveals the countries with the most powerful travel document in the world. And every year, India doesn’t even manage to make a place in Top 50. Applying for a visa comes with a lot of stress, submitting an innumerable amount of documents to prove the purpose of your travel, booking flights and hotels, and still not sure whether you will get your visa on time or not; this often takes away the excitement when it comes to International travel.

Although Indian passport holders can travel visa-free to several countries and avail visa on arrival facilities, but the list of the countries is very small in comparison with other countries, for example, Japan, which has visa-free access to 190 countries.

Even though the time-consuming visa process of procuring visas and the tedious visa applications is one major challenge, but this hasn’t stopped the Indian passport holders from travelling.

This post looks at countries where Indian passport holders can get a visa on arrival, e-visa and how an Indian can score long-term UK, Canada Visa, US Visa or Schengen visa with an Indian passport.

We are sure if you’re an Indian passport holder you must have cursed it many times when it comes to travelling. But don’t be disheartened. The Navy Blue passport allows you to get a visa on arrival to many countries or visa-free entry.  Though you will not require a visa to visit these countries but you would be required to show some necessary documents, to know about the supporting documents, click here.

Countries where you can obtain Visa-on-Arrival:

  • Maldives: 30 days visa on arrival
  • Mauritius: No visa needed for 30 days
  • Thailand: Visa on arrival for 15 days
  • Indonesia: No visa required for 30 days
  • Jordan: Visa on arrival valid for 14 days, but as per the embassy rules you need to show 1000$ in cash to enter.
  • Seychelles: 3 months visa on arrival
  • Tanzania: Visa on arrival for 90 days
  • Ecuador: You don’t need a visa for 90 days
  • Ethiopia: Visa on arrival for 30 days
  • Bhutan: No visa required
  • Cuba: Visa on arrival (tourist card) for 30 days
  • Fiji: Visa not required for 4 months
  • Nepal: No visa required
  • Madagascar: Get visa on arrival for 30 days
  • Jamaica: No visa required for 6 months
  • Dominica: No visa required for 6 months
  • Bolivia: Get visa on arrival for 90 days
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How to score e-visas online

Indian passport holder can obtain an e-visa to several countries. All you have to do is visit the website of Akbartravels.com, talk to the Visa Experts and get your e-visa within a click. Akbartravels.com makes it simpler to apply and takes care of everything you need.

E-visa for Indian passport holders:

  • Malaysia: E-visa with a validity of 30 days
  • Singapore: Even though the country has e-visa facility, but it is recommended to get your visa beforehand from a travel consultant and save your time after landing in Singapore
  • Sri Lanka: E-visa with a validity of 30 days
  • Vietnam: E-visa for 30 days
  • Bahrain: Get e-visa for 14 days
  • Cambodia: E-visa for 30 days
  • Myanmar: E-visa for 28 days
  • Zimbabwe: Get e-visa for 90 days
  • Kenya: E-visa for 90 days
  • Tajikistan: E-visa for 45 days

Use Schengen Visa, UK or the US Visa to get Visa on arrival / visa-free entry into other countries

We are not saying that if you have a US visa or a Schengen visa stamped you’ve conquered the world and now you don’t require a visa to enter any country. NO, that’s not true. But, a Schengen or Us Visa definitely gives access to enter visa-free or get a visa on arrival to some pretty cool countries around the globe.

  • Croatia: You can get a VOA if you hold a multiple-entry Schengen Visa
  • Mexico: If you hold a valid US, Canada, UK, Japan or a Schengen Visa, you don’t require a visa to enter Mexico
  • Costa Rica: You can get VOA if you have a valid Canada, Japan, Schengen or US visa.
  • Georgia: No visa required if you have a valid visa for Japan, UK, US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, or Schengen visa
  • Panama: No visa required if you have a valid UK, US Canada, Australia or Schengen Visa
  • Guatemala: With a valid US, Schengen or a Canada visa you don’t require a visa to enter this country
  • Honduras: No visa required with a valid US, Canada or a Schengen visa.
  • Turkey: Get an e-visa for 30 days, if you have a valid Schengen, US, Australia, Schengen or UK visa
  • Romania: No visa required with a valid Schengen visa for 90 days
  • Philippines: No visa, if you hold a valid Japan, Austral, Schengen, Us, Canada, Singapore or UK visa.
  • Ireland: If you hold a valid UK Tourist Visa, you can easily travel to Ireland ( under the British-Irish scheme)
  • Albania: With a valid Multiple –entry US, UK or Schengen Visa you don’t require a visa to enter Albania.

The Indian passport does make our travel plans a little harder to fulfil but with so many options like e-visa, VOA to several countries the government is trying to make it easier for Indian passport holders. Here’s to more travelling and a bright future for Indian passport holders! And if you wish to visit any other country contact Akbartravels.com and enjoy an effortless visa processing experience.


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