Are you prepped and ready to go for your next big adventure? Need a break from endless hours of work? No matter the reason, traveling can prove to be the best method to relax your senses and let you drift away from reality for a while. Aircrafts is considered as the safest, best and fastest way to travel; the sheer sense of euphoria you get when you feel the plane take off and land on amazing runwaysis one to cherish. Of course, there are a couple of things you must take care of before boarding a flight, but once you are on the plane, you know you are going to have a great journey.

Avid travellers are always looking for the best deals on international flights, so to make their booking experience more pleasant, Akbar Travels is bringing back Super Saver Wednesdays. No matter where you are flying, the popular travel aggregator is giving flyers the unique opportunity to book tickets without the hassle of additional charges, it offers bookings with NO or Zero Convenience Fee.

A Wednesday to remember

If there is ever a great day to book flight tickets, it would be a Wednesday. When you book online or through the Akbar Travels App on a Wednesday, you will be treated to a number of money-saving surprises. Book your flight tickets every Wednesday to avail:

  • Zero Convenience Fee
  • No Service Fee on cancellation and reissue of tickets and no extra charge on baggage addition and seat selection
  • INR 10,000 Gift Voucher for one lucky winner

Lucky Draw winners

The Super Saver Wednesday contest has been running for more than six weeks, with offers refreshing again on the 2nd of August. So far, we’ve had four avid travellers hit the jackpot with our Lucky Draw contest.

Gautam, Sandeep, Dhruv, Dnyanesh, Ananjan, Vishvajit  – Winners of 21st June – Week 1 of the Contest

Kinish Shah  – Winner of 28th June– Week 2 of the Contest

JuhiKher – Winner of 5thJuly– Week 3 of the Contest

ZimiSurana- Winner of 12thJuly– Week 4 of the Contest

Jimmy Rajput –Winner of 19th July– Week 5 of the Contest

Aditya Puthran–Winner of 26th July – Week 6 of the Contest

What kind of traveller are you: The independent and powerful female solo traveller or the family who enjoystaking the kids for a trip? Whether you are on the hunt for cheap flights tickets in India or wish to visit exotic destinations where the Indian rupee is stronger, keep an eye out for more super flight deals from Akbar Travels.

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