Masks, social distancing, separators, hand sanitizers, and price hikes: Our travel experts predict what the prolonged impact of the coronavirus could be on the way we travel.

Unlike many of the past great disasters, the coronavirus pandemic never shocked us with one disastrous event. Instead, it silently meandered its way around the world, devastating millions as it grew into a global health crisis since it first surfaced in December 2019.

Our certainties shifted slowly and before we knew it, the coronavirus took over completely.

The outcome – we closed borders, canceled international and domestic flights, postponed occasions, and self-quarantined at home on a mass scale. The travel industry and other sectors began to descent.  

What does this mean for the future of the travel industry or traveling during a pandemic? After a year of turbulence, our experts are seeing blue skies. For example, places around the world are starting to open again. More tourists are getting on planes. Carriers are resuming their domestic flights. Countries have begun to welcome guests, despite the remaining risks.

But what changes can tourists expect in both the short- and long-term? Our travel experts gave their best predictions. Read on to know about 8 ways how the pandemic will change the travel scene.

  • Sustainability will be the priority

One silver lining of the pandemic is that the tourists are doubling down on sustainability. Travelers will play the role of “concerned citizens” and demand responsible travel policies. The industry will answer with active measures to arrange a healthy world over profit margins.

  • Road trips will be the next new thing

For many people, road trips or weekend getaways will be the only reasonable option for travel. Driving or riding across the state lines will be just as exciting as flying across international borders. We can help you with our ultimate road trip planner and discover everything your city offers.

  • Travel Experts will become essential

Booking international or domestic flights through travel agents will become essential, noting their vital knowledge and industry connections. Additionally, we hope that tourists will look for travel agents who specialize in the environment.

  • Airline Safety vs. Profits

Unlike many travel businesses, airlines have continued to function throughout the pandemic, even at very low numbers. Practices they have opted like blocking few seats, sanitizing, or limiting the tickets being sold are likely to shape the future of travel, even if they are short-term fixes.

  • Tourists will stay closer to home

Before people start traveling or exploring countries around the world, they would prefer short weekend getaways or explore places closer to home. Why? Because some places like Hawaii and Mumbai are either requesting tourists to quarantine or show proof of a negative covid-19 test.

  • Escalation of prolonged vacations

Many organizations have learned that productivity is possible even outside of the house. Now that working from home has entered the mainstream, there might be a new trend where people will take longer trips, prolonged weekend getaways that combine both work and pleasure.

  • Traveling private is here to stay

The coronavirus pandemic has created a great demand for social distancing and staying away from big crowds. Until the coronavirus vaccine works, tourists will choose to travel in private vehicles and stay in rented houses instead of taking international or domestic flights and cruises.

  • Sanitizing and cleaning will be the top priorities

Hotels are practicing plenty of amenities these days i.e. cleaning, sanitizing, and health consciousness. That means that restaurants, pools, bars gyms, etc. have taken a back seat.

Perhaps, the biggest thing that one can do is instead of waiting to go for a trip, go as soon as you can! Why wait for tomorrow? Who knows that tomorrow could be a start of a new pandemic!

So for all those who have been seeing others traveling, it’s time to decide now! Be it domestic or international travel, book a flight with us or contact our teams of experts who will help you travel safely and securely.

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