While traveling can be a lot of fun, the journey to reach your destination can become a pain thanks to the people you are traveling with. This is, unfortunately, not in our hands. In most cases, we cannot choose who we are seated next to. Here are 7 types of co-passengers every frequent flyer dreads:

  1. The chatterbox

This is that person who will not shut his mouth. Just when you would like to sleep or that great scene comes up on your screen, the chatterbox will certainly have something to say. Before you know it you are dragged into conversation you did not want to have. At some point, all of us will encounter these types of travelers. They never give you a slight hint until they start talking.

  1. The one that kick your seat

If something can be more annoying than sitting next to someone who talks a lot, it is the sitting in front of a person who kicks. They will toss and turn and keep kicking the seat, making you uncomfortable in the process. This can be extremely disturbing.

  1. The armrest hogger

There always seems to be a race for the armrest. Some co-passengers seem to think that when you buy an air plane ticket, you also get the right to the armrest automatically.  Well, that can be extremely annoying, cant it? What we would recommend is that when you sit; put your arm on the armrest before someone else does!

  1. The complainer

No one likes a complainer in general and being seated next to one on a flight can be a nightmare. These types of people can be easily spotted with the frown on his face.  From the time they have entered the aircraft, they always find fault. From the cleanliness to the food, they always have something to say.

  1. The one who keeps going to the loo

Going to the loo constantly may not be a big problem however; getting stuck next to someone like that on the plane can be quite irritating. Imagine having to move every few hours and make space for someone to go. This can be painful, especially when it is a longer travel time and you are in the middle of a nice nap or a movie.

  1. The inattentive parents

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be on an endless journey? Try sitting next a cranky kid or an overenthusiastic kid and parents who aren’t too bothered about the crying kid. Sitting next to them can be frustrating to say the least! The kids to begin with will be extremely cute and cuddly, however the loud wail for nothing can make you forget how cute they are! You may also have a look at how you take care of your kid if your gonna travel with your mischievous one.

  1. The sleepy head

The sleepy heads are not as much a problem as the rest of them. After all they are not going to trouble you much. But oh wait; there is this small issue of them putting their heads on you or god forbid, drool on you. Sounds traumatizing, right? So beware.

Have you encountered any of these people? Share your story by leaving a comment!.


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