Malaysia is an easy place to travel for FIRST-TIME visitors! Located just south of Thailand, it is considered a tropical paradise in the heart of Southeast Asia. Malaysia tourism is best known for its beaches, natural beauty, landscapes, and impressive scenery. Its capital, Kuala Lumpur houses the tallest twin towers in the world, while its islands are home to a number of beautiful dive areas you can see. So whether you’re up for hiking and diving, or just want to relax on the beach, a holiday in Malaysia is totally worth it.

To make your stay a memorable one, I present to you the top six things you should do in Malaysia for an Epic Trip! From hotels and places to see in Malaysia to discovering its local culture and food, this is one of the most complete travel lists about traveling in Malaysia! Take a look!

1.      Stay at a place that has an infinity pool with epic views

Residing in Kuala Lumpur before exploring the rest of Malaysia? Perfect! You can stay in one of the luxury hotels in Malaysia that offer a breathtaking view of the PETRONAS Twin Tower, KL Tower, or both. The best website to look for these hotels is none other than

2.      Try the different varieties of Roti 

While you are busy hunting down restaurants suggested by your new Malaysian friends, take note of all different types of roti’s you can order. Here’s a list of various roti varieties to get you started:-

•        Roti canai / roti kosong – Plain flatbread

•        Roti cheese – Flatbread with cheese

•        Roti telur – Flatbread with an egg

•        Roti jantan – Flatbread with two eggs

•        Roti bawang – Flatbread with onions

•        Roti susu – Flatbread sprinkled with condensed milk

•        Roti banjir – Flatbread submerged in a thick curry

•        Roti tissue – Sweet, thin, cone-shaped flatbread

3.      Enjoy shopping at Petaling Street

From local snacks and fruits to fake label goods, Petaling Street has EVERYTHING you would want! The market opens in the early afternoon and closes down late at night. Just remember to bargain for everything you want and bargain HARD! Also, don’t be surprised to see them greet tourists in more than five languages while tapping on their calculators fiercely to offer customers the “best price”.

4.      Go for a road trip or take the intercity train

Traveling by road or by train lets you see so much more of Malaysia that is comparatively untouched by international travelers spending a short period of time. Furthermore, you’ll get to interact with the locals when you take a train or a bus.

5.      Don’t forget to try their local tropical fruits

There are fruit stands everywhere in Malaysia selling local tropical fruits. You can see and spot them inside the shopping malls, at tourist attractions, train stations, along with major highways or even by the side of the roads. We recommend you try them, especially if you haven’t seen them in your home country before. Even if you’ve had, they might taste different because of the climate.

6.      They take multilingualism to the next level

I would like to end this blog with a fun fact about Malaysians.

Thanks to their education system and the opportunity to live in a culturally-diverse environment since young, many Malaysians can speak at least two, unlike languages. On top of that, almost everybody, especially city residents, speak and understand English. So before you say anything erroneous during your stay in Malaysia, keep this in mind!

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