Travelling is always fun and exciting; that is of course when you do not encounter harrowing time at the airport, struggling for every small thing. Whether its serpentine queues, ‘not so polite’ airport security personnel or unexpected delayed flights; flying does not fit the rosy picture we have in our minds. Nevertheless, each mode of travel has its own pros and cons. The magic is to know the tricks to master these issues. With some brilliant airport hacks, we bet you will have as great a time at the airport, as on your whole trip thereafter. So go on and peruse these astute airport hacks to make you are traveling a wonderful experience.

1. Wear a comfortable set of ‘travel special’ clothes

Travelling obviously calls for comfort dressing. Choose a comfy yet presentable set of clothes that are neither too light nor too warm. Setting them out a few days prior to the travel date is one of the top airport hacks to cut halfway through the airport struggle.

2. Check information about layover airports

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While you may be familiar with your home airport like the back of your hand, layover airports can be confusing. An app, maybe like Gate Guru, may be helpful in such a situation to help you grab some food and toiletries or to connect to the right Wi-Fi connection.

3. Carry a few clear throwaway bags

If there’s one airport hack that you must swear by then this would be it- to carry a few clear throwaway bags. These multi-purpose angels can be used for several different tasks including stashing your liquids at airport security checkpoint, storing leftover snacks, keeping your cellphone dry and so on.

4. Keep your luggage light

Try to only carry the absolute essentials. If you think your luggage may exceed the prescribed limit, keep the heavier jackets, scarves etc at the top. If the airline calls your luggage overweight, you can easily take out those items and wear them to lighten the weight and save paying for extra luggage with this airport hack.

5. Take a picture of the parking lot

This one is the one day/short trips when you drive down to the airport and park your vehicle. Handsome or not, take a picture of the parking spot, including signs indicating the exact parking space of your car, before you head into the airport. This airport hack will help you to easily spot your vehicle when you return.

6. Put all in-flight essentials in one bag

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Keep all that you will need on the flight including snacks, earbuds, book etc. in a single small bag that you can stow in the seat’s back pocket. Remember to transfer any liquid item on your essentials’ list from your luggage after the security check.

7. Carry an empty water bottle

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Carry your own but empty bottle which you can fill later after it goes just fine through the security checkpoint. Take help of this airport hack to avoid the overpriced packaged drinking water or stand in queues to but this essential item!.

8. Wrap a bright ribbon around the luggage handle

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To easily identify your luggage when identical bags move on the conveyor belt in luggage claim area, you will save a lot of precious time by tying a bright ribbon around the luggage handle. Really helps when you see identical bags, especially the most common black color bags, moving on the belt!

9. Take the left and check in faster

If you hate waiting in queues or are in a hurry, in either case, try taking the farthest left aisle of checkpoints for faster check-in. This is possible simply because most people are right-handed and therefore tend to take the right checkpoint. This was known to work!

10. Carry a sweater or scarf

Always expect an airport or in-flight to be cold. Carrying along a light sweater or a scarf can help you stay warm and feel snug! And if it gets hot you can always use them as a pillow during the flight.

11. Wear a plastic belt

To save yourself from the trouble of taking off your belt with metal buckle and have your clothes hanging loose, use a belt with a plastic buckle which can get excused through the security.

12. Wear a jacket with several pockets

If you do not want to pay an additional fee for the extra luggage, you can try this airport hack. Wear a large jacket with several big pockets that can carry more items. You can roll up your jacket later in the flight and put it in the overhead bin. This not only lightens your luggage but also ensures that all the essential in-flight items are within your easy reach.

13. Get a portable phone power bank

Having a portable mobile charger can be a lifesaver airport hack, especially when you cannot find a charging port on the flight. Most of the times when you do find a charging area, it is occupied and as Murphy’s law would have it if the area is not crowded, the charging pin fitting your handset would be the only one in demand! Portable power bank will ensure you have enough power on your phone when you land.

14. Stow extra stuff in a shopping bag

Taking a cue from this awesome airport hack, you can get an empty shopping bag from an airport shop and fill it with your own stuff. Since your luggage has already gone through the security check, you can separate items and put them in the shopping bag for convenience; especially if you are carrying a gift for someone and want to keep it handy for destination airport.

We are sure these suggestions will make your flying experience a memorable one.

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