When we think of international borders, the first thing that comes to most of us is barbed wires, high-level securities, right? While this is the case with a few, many international borders are not only different but also incredibly cool. Here is a look at 11 unique borders between countries around the world.

Haiti and The Dominican Republic

There is a saying that reads, “Grass is always greener on the other side.” Well, if you are from Haiti, this is quite literally true.  Environmental laws clearly distinguish Haiti and The Dominican Republic. Haiti, on the left, has limited deforestation laws, compared to the Dominican Republic on the right.

India and Pakistan


The Indo-Pak border, also called the Wagah border runs from the Line of Control (LoC), which separates the Indian-controlled Kashmir from Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. A ceremony takes place every night, and the flags are lowered at the only road between the two countries.


United States and Canada

One of the longest international borders, US-Canada border, stretches to around 5,500 miles. From north to south, the border stretches run along Alaska in the US and Yukon in Canada and from east to west, along 12 other US states and 7 Canadian provinces.

Poland and Ukraine

The border between Poland and Ukraine is one of the cutest borders. It is decorated with fish. Every year a festival is held at this border called ‘The Land Art Festival.’


Nepal and China

The summit of the great Mt. Everest separates Nepal and China.  It cannot get any grander than this, can it?


Italy and Switzerland

On the border of Italy and Switzerland sits The Margherita Hut on top of the Alps. This border can only be accessed only by foot and it is used as a research centre for high-elevation medicine.


Denmark and Sweden

The Øresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden. Until the year 2000, there was no bridge which meant there was no land border at all, and it was entirely a maritime boundary.


Sweden and Norway

The border between Sweden and Norway is separated by The Svinesund Bridge, which is an arch bridge. It separates the Swedish municipality of Strömstad from the Norwegian town of Halden.  There is a line on the bridge that indicates that the left side belongs to Sweden and the right Norway.


Costa Rica and Panama

Over the Sixaola River stands a single lane bridge that separates Costa Rica and Panama. The bridge is also used by pedestrians, cars and trucks.


Germany and the Netherlands

Have you ever wanted to be in two counties at the same time? This photo below, courtesy of NPR, shows exactly that. This border exists inside a building, and there is a German mailbox on one side and a police officer, and the other side has a Dutch mailbox and a Dutch police officer.

China and Mongolia

How can we complete a list without the iconic Great Wall of China, which separates China and Mongolia!


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