Travelling abroad is on almost all our wish lists. However, the steep exchange rates and other expenses sometimes hold us back. Although the Rupee is not stronger than the dollar or the pound, there are a few countered you can go to where the Rupee is strong. Here is a list of 11 countries where the Indian rupee makes you feel rich.

  1. Srilanka

1 Rupee = 2.16 Sri Lankan Rupee

With beaches, mountains and lush greenery, Sri Lanka has something for every kind of traveller. Not only is the rupee stronger than the Sri Lankan Rupee but you also get cheap flights to this destination, making it the hottest destinations for Indians to travel to.

  1. Cambodia

1 Rupee = 59.30 Cambodian Riel

Home to historically significant Angkor Wat, a stone temple, Cambodia is ideal for Indians looking to go on a holiday abroad. The Royal Palace, National Museum, Archaeological ruins and Sihanoukville beach are some of the hotspots you cannot miss. It’s so affordable that you can enjoy a pleasant stay and meal for two for as low as Rs. 600.

  1. Algeria

1 Rupee = 1.61 Algerian Dinar

Africa’s largest country, Algeria is a stone’s throw away from Europe as well. Its beautiful coastline, many well-preserved Roman cities, should certainly be on your wish list.

  1. Vietnam

1 Rupee = 330.37 Vietnamese Dong

If you are looking for some sumptuous food and enjoying a unique Buddhist culture, then Vietnam is the place for you to be. It is also extremely close to India and offers a relaxing holiday if you are on a shoestring budget.

  1. Indonesia

1 Rupee =197.18 Indonesian Rupiah

Looking to relax by the beaches and go shopping? We present to you Indonesia, the land of Islands. With free visa on arrival, Balinese massages, pristine beaches, Indonesia is a perfect destination for couples.

  1. South Korea

1 Rupee = 17.02 South Korean Won

Known for its Buddhist culture, hilly countryside, fishing villages and breath-taking views, South Korea can be a traveller’s delight. Moreover, the country also has high-tech cities such as Seoul that you can explore.

  1. Chile

1 Rupee = 9.85 Chilean Peso

If you like the off-beat track and like to trek and hike, then Chile is the place to be. Chile is home to many active volcanoes and has a mountain range that is still growing. You can also explore the vineyards and Lakes as well.

  1. Hungary

1 Rupee = 4.28 Hungarian Forint

Ever thought you could visit a European country where the Indian Rupee is stronger? Well, you are in luck! We just the destination for you – Hungary. With the influence of both Turkish and Roman culture, you can visit castles and parks in this country. Known for its architecture and great spas, Hungary should certainly be a destination you visit.

  1. Nepal

1 Rupee = 1.60 Nepalese Rupee

Picturesque snow-capped along with jungle safaris is what awaits you in Nepal. Nepal is so close to India that the flight fares are also affordable. With stunning views and the presence of the great Mount Everest and seven other tallest mountain peaks in the world, Nepal has become a backpacker’s paradise.

  1. Paraguay

1 Rupee = 85.03 Paraguayan Guarani

For all you adrenaline junkies, Paraguay offers a selection of adventure sports such as white water rafting and rappelling. Additionally, Paraguay also has shopping centres and is said to be one of the cheapest countries in the world!

  1. Costa Rica

1 Rupee = 8.08 Costa Rican Colon

With magnificent volcanoes, lush green forests, beautiful rivers and beaches, Costa Rica is certainly a must visit. One of the world’s most biologically diverse countries, Costa Rica accounts for almost 4 percent of the earth’s species.

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