While the excitement to book holiday packages or flight tickets to a new place never stops, but passenger’s annoying habits are likely to take a toll on you in one way or another. 

Some time ago, there were even results where random travelers were polled about their in-flight behavior, as well as the most maddening behaviors they witness from their fellow travelers. 

To avoid being one, we have put together a list of the 7 most irritating things people do on flights that you can avoid for smooth sailing. 

  • Take off their socks

It’s just not fine! Some airlines now even give you exceptional socks to stop you from feeling the air-conditioning between your toes and imposing the sight of your pale pinkies on others.

  • Talk too much

Whether it’s someone near, you, or at you, listening to people speak when all you want to do is binge-watch can be incredibly distracting. A bit of small talk is ok but we don’t need to know all the bosom details of your cruise itinerary.

  • Leave the loo dirty

People who leave the loo dirty are intolerable. Sometimes all you have to do is shut your eyes, grasp your breath, and hope that you don’t slide on any overspill.

  • Listen to music loudly

If we can hear your music from your headsets and over the general din of the cabin, it’s very loud. Tinnitus is incurable, you know!

  • Stand as you touch down

There’s always that person who stands as soon as the plane touches the ground. You won’t get off any faster!

  • Eating loudly

You’re perhaps hungry if you buy all those extra snacks available on the airplane. But just one appeal please, try closing your mouth when chewing on them, because those sounds are very annoying!

  • Taking too many loo breaks

You could be drinking too much in-flight or maybe chilled flights just make you squeamish in general, but you’d be worrying your co-passengers by asking to be excused and taking way too many loo breaks. Switch seats to the aisle, perhaps?

  • Block the lockers

It’s literally like a stampede as soon as you board the flight. If you’re not fast you’ll have to crush your bag into a locker on the other end or worse, place it in the hold *shudder*.

  • Sleep like a log

It can be difficult to stay upright while sleeping and to keep those worrying nasal passages open. It’s even more difficult to keep your cool when you’re sitting next to someone who dribbles – on your shoulder.

  • Clap

The plane lands safely and everybody starts clapping. Why? You don’t applaud the bus driver when you reach your stop or when you’ve survived rush hour and managed to park the car?  

Also, the most frustrating thing travelers do is when they want to play musical chairs. They just kind of select where they’re going to sit instead of following a seat number given to them on their boarding pass. Occasionally, they wonder it’s free-for-all seating, and we certainly have assigned seats.

So next time before you book your flight tickets online, make sure to select and book your seat accordingly. 

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